The leader of the textile market of Ukraine

Textile-Contact LLC



Fabrics from over 30 countries


Fabric hypermarket chain 'Tkanyny'

Branch network

7 wholesale and retail warehouses in Ukraine


'ТK-Style', 'ТK-Lubny', 'ТK-Korosten'

The company «Textile-Contact» is part of the industrial holding TK-Group, whose main task is the independent manufacture of fabrics, sewing garments and home textiles. TK-Group enterprises are leaders in the All-Ukrainian market of light industry, which has been repeatedly confirmed by various consumer polls and votes.

The company 'Textile-Contact' was founded in 1995

Today we are a national operator selling fabrics and materials of light industry.
The main directions of our activity are the manufacture and wholesale and retail sale of fabrics, tailoring of workwear and military uniforms for state and private structures.
For 25 years of work, «Textile-Contact» has won the trust of customers due to the high professionalism of the team, a wide range, convenient and fast logistics, a flexible pricing policy as well.

Since the beginning of its activity, the company has been constantly developing and overcoming the highest barriers to the goal. Many achievements over more than 25 years of work are an example of this struggle for leadership in the light industry market.

«Textile-Contact» became the first company that supplies fabrics from abroad for Ukrainian sewing shops and ateliers. Almost immediately, the company’s customers became famous fashion houses and large factories, including Voronin, VD One, Arber Groupe.

An innovative approach to business, honesty in cooperation, maintaining delivery times and loyal prices have led the company to rapid growth. A few years later, Textile Contact outperformed all competitors and gained all-Ukrainian popularity.

The leader of the textile market of Ukraine

«Textile-Contact» is a leading operator in the sale of fabrics.
This is a family of people and like-minded people working for many years in this area and satisfying the needs of the market in any fabrics. We cooperate with well-known enterprises of light industry, with manufacturers of fashionable clothes, with private and state structures. For more than 25 years of leadership, the Textile-Contact brand has become known in Ukraine and abroad.
78 608 785 UAH. taxes in 2019

More than 30 000 names of fabrics

867 employees

The TK-Group holding includes the following enterprises:

  1. TК-Spetsodyah. The activities are focused on independent production and sale of work clothing, footwear, suits for the military;
  2. TК-Furnitura.Purchase and further sale of items from the sphere of accessories (buttons, locks, zippers, jewelry, stripes). The catalog of positions consists of more than 15 thousand different everyday items and exclusive products;
  3. TК-Domashniy Tekstylʹ. The company is engaged in the manufacture of home textiles, including bedding sets, curtains and curtains, rugs and tablecloths;
  4. TК-Style. On the basis of the Chernihiv garment factory workshops for the manufacture of outerwear were opened, women’s, men’s and children’s daily wardrobe items;
  5. Factory “Barva”. The company is the first in Ukraine to manufacture threads. Domestic threads have simplified the manufacturing process of garments and other textile products as much as possible.

The structure of the company

Chain of hypermarkets «Tkanуnу» and branches


Hypermarkets «Tkanуnу» are wholesale and retail stores selling fabrics, finished products and accessories. Shops and branches are located in almost every regional center and major cities throughout Ukraine. Due to the convenient schedule and wide assortment, «Tkanуnу» retail stores take the first place among peers in the issue of purchasing quality fabrics in Ukraine. At each store there is a warehouse with a huge amount of fabrics, which makes it possible to make bulk purchases on the day of order. Experienced store employees will help each customer make their choice.

Online store


Internet shopping is the trend of the new millennium, because it is convenient and fast. You can make orders without leaving your home, relying on detailed information about each fabric or finished textile product. Experienced employees quickly process applications and assist in the selection of fabrics. The user-friendly interface of the site, high-quality photos and a wide range of products undoubtedly attract consumers. It is worth noting that it was the online store that in 2018 won the Ukrainian E-Commerce Awards competition in the «Consumer Choice» nomination.

Wholesale supply of fabric:

  1. Department of special, cotton and mixed fabrics
  2. Department of fabric for clothing
  3. Department of decor fabrics


Production capacity:

  1. Garment factory «TK-Style»
  2. Garment factory «ТK-Korosten»
  3. Garment factory «ТK-Lubny»
Alexander Sokolovsky
President and founder of the group of companies «Textile-Contact».
Our business system is built on transparent relationships with suppliers, customers and government agencies.
We are always open to cooperation, positive and cheerful. A smile as an element of corporate culture is about us, because the birthday of the group of companies fell on April 1! We went a long and interesting way to create the largest production and distribution group of companies in the light industry of Ukraine. We are pleased to invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation. It will be productive and fun!

Assortment of fabrics in «Textile-Contact»

Thanks to continuous development, which includes independent manufacture of fabrics, as well as import of foreign positions, it is possible to regularly expand the range. To date, the number of positions in the catalog exceeds 30 thousand. Among them:

  1. Natural cotton and blended fabrics of high quality;
  2. Exclusive and luxurious fabrics from Europe and Asia
  3. Finished products from the scope of home textiles;
  4. Fabrics for tailoring overalls and equipment for military personnel.

Each batch of fabric, before getting to the shelves of wholesale and retail stores, goes through several stages of quality checks. Certified fabrics are safe for human health, can be processed well and are not prone to deformation during use.

In the online store there are special sections and categories for the easy search for textiles.

Our team
The best team is the foundation of our success and leadership in the light industry market.

Do you want to work in our company?

The main resource of the company “Textile-Contact” is a well-coordinated team of professionals. It is who guarantees the success and development of our business.

Advantages «Textile-Contact»

For more than 20 years of successful activity, the company «Textile-Contact» has won many regular wholesale and retail customers. It was possible to gain consumer confidence by:

  1. High quality products. Each fabric in the assortment of shops, «Textile-Contact», regardless of their origin, falls on the counter, after obtaining the relevant certificates. Batches of fabrics can be checked for compliance with European standards of quality, safety, as well as for the absence of toxic substances. Textile materials are not inclined to provoke allergic reactions and retain their original appearance for a long time;
  2. Pricing policy. Due to the loyal conditions of cooperation with foreign partners, and independent production of textiles as well, the pricing policy of the company is quite loyal. Prices per meter of products are available to everyone, and regular customers have regular discounts and special offers.
  3. Tissue stocks. Each plant of the TK-Group holding produces a large number of textile materials, which allows you to collect bulk orders in a short time. Textile-Contact customers never wait for delivery of an order more than what the manager specified during processing. Also, due to the presence of warehouses in different cities of Ukraine, long time costs for the transportation of goods are excluded;
  4. Comfortable conditions for cooperation. Employees of the corporation take care of each client of the company, providing the most convenient conditions. Thus, a group of managers quickly process applications, providing advice on each position of interest. At the stage of order confirmation, clear deadlines for payment and delivery of goods are agreed. The company cooperates with several delivery services, which positively affects the speed of receipt of the order.

The diversified holding «Textile-Contact» deservedly occupies an honorable place in the rating of large enterprises in Ukraine and at the same time is constantly developing and creating even more comfortable conditions for consumers.

Where to buy fabric in Ukraine

As already noted above, the company «Textile-Contact» provides several options for comfortable cooperation:

  1. Wholesale and retail stores «Tkanyny»;
  2. Internet hypermarket

Retail stores are luxurious rooms with a huge number of stands on which materials are presented. Each consumer has the opportunity not only to visually evaluate the fabric, but also to check its quality and density to the touch. Almost every textile is presented in several colors, which greatly facilitates the choice of demanding consumers. Before buying, you can get high-quality information about each fabric of interest from the seller-consultant.


The schedule of the wholesale and retail stores of the «Tkanyny»chain in Kiev and other cities is convenient for housewives and customers with a limited amount of free time.


Fans of online shopping are not without attention. You can purchase fabrics from Textile-Contact on the website The online platform is optimized «for the consumer» and has a comfortable interface, fast page loading and high-quality photos of the products offered. You can purchase materials in just a few clicks, while choosing a convenient method of payment and delivery of the order.