«TK-Style» in nominal terms:

Production area – 2765 thousand sq.m

More than 60 thousand products per year

150 + employees

16 years of specialization in the production of outerwear

100% of products are made for the European and USA countries

The company «TK-Style» is a modern garment factory, specializing in tailoring of outerwear, upper-body and lower-body garments. For the 16 years of its existence, the factory has earned a reputation as a company, that produces complex and high-quality products.

The factory operates according to the customer-supplied raw materials (tolling) scheme.

The production is equipped with modern and high-performance equipment such as: Brother, Juki, Durkopp Adler, AMF Reece, Veit, Veit-Kannegiesser.

The employees skills are constantly being upgraded: the trainings, master classes, visits to other factories are organized,  high-level specialists from Europe are invited.

For example, in 2018, with the assistance of «Ukrlegprom» Association and Tatyana  Izovit, President and Chairman of the Board, the first training in Ukraine was held at the factory, as part of «Eastern Partnership : Ready to Trade – an EU4BUSNESS initiative»
«Improving labor productivity at export-oriented garment enterprises» project, which was attended by the employees from 10 factories.

In 2019, the employees participated  in «Understanding of the merchandising process and  merchandiser role in textile and apparel industry» training, organized by the International Trade Center and «Ukrlegprom» Association , as part of «Eastern Partnership : Ready to Trade – an EU4BUSNESS initiative» and under the financial support of the European Union.

Successfully completed  a VEIT Group Service training for hand ironing technology, finisher, topper, and fusing machines.

Participated in a seminar-workshop  “Advanced hand ironing technologies as part of pressing” organized by «Texco Ukraine» and VEIT Group.

With the support of our partners from «Texco Ukraine», we began to cooperate with Mrs. Esther, a highly qualified German technologist.

The company is growing, developing and is always in need of  skilled personnel,  there is a shortage of which all over the country. It was decided to open our own training school.In the summer of 2019, together with Chernihiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the  «School of sewing skills» was  established. For 8 weeks the students are receiving the training of  “seamstress-operator” profession and, as a result, are employed at the factory.

The  factory successfully passed the  following audits: in 2018 – “SMETA 6- Pillar”,  and in 2019- Social Compliance Audit, which was held  by the international company «Omega Compliance».

The quality control is carried out at all manufacturing stages.

It is planned to increase personnel up to 200 employees and complete the whole factory modernization by the end of 2020, which will increase the output of up to 250,000 products per year.

We produce for such brands as:
  • Tory Burch
  • Sandro
  • De Fursac
  • Claudia Strater
  • OUI
  • Sessun
The factory structure includes the following subdivisions:
  • Designing department
  • Testing department
  • Preproduction and cutting
  • Sewing workshop
  • Materials and finished products storage

Tel. +3804622 5-99-22

E-mail:   tk_style@ukr.net


14037, Ukraine, Chernigov

Instrumentalna str.6