The department presents a range of products designed for interior design for various purposes and of any complexity: apartments, houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, concert halls, theaters, outdoor venues and so on.

Major suppliers:

Countries of Asia and Europe: Turkey, China, Spain, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland.

The department presents fabrics:

  • from natural
  • synthetic
  • artificial fibers
  • multi-colored and one-colored canvases in various artistic and coloristic designs
  • finished products

The entire range of products is present in warehouses, is constantly updated and updated with new collections.

For customers, the program «Supply of fabrics to order».

Among the regular customers of the Department:

  • Largest manufacturing enterprises (public and private)
  • Ministries, departments, corporate clients
  • Atelier, furniture factories, curtain and decor salons
  • Retail chains
  • Show business, theaters, film studios
  • Designers, advertising agencies
  • Ritual and church organizations
  • Private customers

Purchase terms:

The products represented by the Department are sold both wholesale and retail. Commercial conditions for the sale of fabrics are discussed individually and depend on the volume of the order.

Department contacts:

(044) 239 20 06

(044) 206 20 18

(067) 321 51 76

(050) 414 55 03