Department of Clothing Fabrics specializes in the full range of fabrics and related materials used in clothing manufacturing.

The appearance of the department’s assortment position is preceded by monitoring of global trends and fashion trends. The department’s specialists methodically, 2 times a year, at the annual specialized exhibitions in Paris and Milan, monitor current trends and new technologies in the manufacture of fabrics. Participants in such exhibitions are the world’s leading manufacturers of fabrics. Placing an order for the supply of fabrics is carried out a year in advance, taking into account the current color schemes, texture, composition, etc.

The main assortment positions represented by the department:

  • Costume
  • Synthetic
  • Raincoat jackets
  • Coat
  • Lining
  • Shirts
  • Fabrics from European warehouses
  • Knitted fabrics
  • Applied and non-woven materials
  • Fillers for clothes and blankets
  • Natural and artificial fur for the production of soft toys, overalls, blankets, pillows, children’s envelopes, artificial fur and decoration fur, fur for shoes

The main competitive advantage of the department is the breadth, exclusivity and relevance of the range.

The department represents fabrics of European manufacturers:

Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, as well as manufacturers from Asia, China and Korea.

A special place in the structure of the Department is occupied by the «Fabrics to Order» department – this is a constantly operating and updated exhibition of fabrics from the world’s leading textile factories, offering their developments for ready-made clothing manufacturers.

The department presents only the best fabric from leading world brands, in a wide assortment, at the best price.

The main task of the department is to help its customers in the implementation of their ideas. The department will help you choose the fabric or provide samples of the right fabrics. Here you can find out about the latest developments that exist on the textile market, are used by eminent designers and famous brands.

The department represents fabrics and textile materials in the following main categories:

  • Costume group
  • Shirt group
  • Coat and raincoat group
  • Linen group
  • Holiday group
  • Printing on fabric: modern technology allows you to make high-quality printing on fabric, apply any images to it and make a thing unique. Printing can be applied to almost any type of fabric.

Unique advantages of clients of the department «Fabrics to order»:

  • Unique assortment: The department offers more than 100 collections of fabrics from more than 60 leading manufacturers of fabrics from Europe and Asia.
  • An opportunity to order fabric with an original drawing according to own sketch. We print on fabric under the order taking into account any wishes and requirements of the client. We bring to life the most daring ideas.
  • The ability to form orders for the supply of fabrics and related accessories for the manufacture of corporate clothing (shawls, ties, etc.).
  • Providing free promotional materials and fabric samples
  • Possibility of prompt delivery
  • Flexible discount system
  • Professional service: highly qualified managers work individually with each client.

Among the regular customers of the department «Fabrics to order»:

  • Fashion designers, stylists, advertising agencies
  • Ukrainian celebrities
  • Famous brands
  • The largest state and private enterprises
  • Theaters, film studios, participants in social projects
  • Large corporate clients, financial and banking institutions, airlines
  • Private clients

Purchase terms:

The products represented by the Department are sold both wholesale and retail. Commercial conditions for the sale of fabrics are discussed individually and depend on the volume of the order.

Purchase volumeTerms of sale
Purchase of fabric in the Department of Custom Fabrics (Showroom)Individual conditions
Purchase of fabrics of one article from 0 to 5 l.m.Retail price
Purchase of fabrics of one article from 5 to 20 l.m.Small wholesale price
Purchase of fabric of one article from 20 l.m.Wholesale price

* Product prices are indicated for 1 l.m. – linear meter

Department contacts:

(044) 239 20 01

(044) 239 20 10

(044) 550 61 26

(044) 553 48 03

(044) 206 24 47

(044) 247 41 78

(067) 321 51 74

(050) 414 55 02